Celebrity Superstore

Renegade Pop! Is a one-stop shop featuring the curated products of the partner celebrities of Renegade Branding Concepts. Offering quality and trendy items ranging from eyewear, cosmetics, jewelry to apparel, this kiosk is your guide to must-have items you need to elevate your beauty and style. This Renegade Pop! Features the collection from partner celebrities […]

Radical Couture Concepts

What is RADICAL? Radical Couture is an influencer-designed streetwear shop and clothing brand catering to fashionable, casual, and trendy clients among hip-hop, alternative, and punk rock scenes. Its products range from jeans, shirt, jackets, and fashion accessories at an affordable price.   Value Proposition: • Offers different fashion apparel items including but not limited to […]

Range Accessories

What is RANGE? Range Electronics is a celebrity-designed accessible cellphone provider and marketplace app that helps merge function with fashion. Featuring cool, hip styles, and branding, Range Electronics’ products double as a gateway for people to make extra income.   Value Proposition: • Offers an array of tech products including but not limited to earphones, […]

Regal Jewelry Collection

What is REGAL? Regal Jewelry Collection is a curated influencer -inspired e- commerce jewelry brand that sells gorgeous celebrity branded rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at a reasonable price.   Value Proposition: • Specializes in celebrity-branded earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. • Franchise can be located virtually anywhere • Popular product for all market segments […]

Rebel Specs Design

What is REBEL? Rebel offers luxury sunglasses of grace and delicacy. It’s a homage to the contemporary men and women concerning their beauty along with individuality. The wide variety in style from contemporary to iconic reflects the beautiful combination of know-how with creativity. It keeps on reimagining its collection to complement wardrobe with spectacular style. […]

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