Al Amirah

Al Amirah Franchise Details

Industry: Services
Category: Beauty & Wellness
Royalty Fee: 5%
Marketing Fee: N/A
Franchise Fee: PHP 200K
Investment Capital: PHP 1M
Franchise Terms: 8 years

About Al Amirah

Al Amirah is a spa offering authentic Moroccan Bath and Space Experience for people wanting to escape the stresses of urban living and recharge the body and mind.


Our Story:
Al Amirah is owned by a former OFW,  Jesica Navarette, has worked in the Middle East to save up. Al Amirah started in 2017 when Jesica decided to settle and start a business when she came home in the Philippines.
She had thought of introducing Moroccan Bath, since its is one of the things she loves doing when she was in Dubai. Hence, building Al Amirah. Jesica’s dream for Al Amirah is to spread wellness and happiness with the unique and ultimate pampering experience that Moroccan Bath and Spa could provide.


We aim to provide relaxation, care, and healing to our clients with the therapeutic effect of Moroccan Bath and holistic spa experience at Al Amirah.


We envision Al Amirah to continuously provide superb services and continuously uncover the possibilities to deliver a great spa experience.
Through innovation, we see to level up our combination of services, earth friendly products and unparalleled customer experience for our guests.


What Is Moroccan Bath?
Moroccan bath is an age old traditional cleansing ritual that is spread across the Middle East and popularly known as Maghrebi. This ritual is done to clean, whiten and soften the skin. It also helps to relax the tried nerves and muscles while enhancing the blood circulation of the body.


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