Barrio Bistro

Barrio Bistro Franchise Details

Industry: Food & Beverage
Category: Resturants
Royalty Fee: 4%
Marketing Fee: N/A
Franchise Fee: PHP 300,000
Investment Capital: PHP 1.7M
Franchise Terms: 6 years

About Barrio Bistro

Davao Barrio Bistro – as the name suggests, originates in Davao City. A restaurant offering a selection of modern comfort food ranging from facorite local to highly accepted and popular foreign dishes. Considered a perfect place for family, friends, business colleagues and couples who wants to eat and enjoy at the same time.


Our Story:
Davao Barrio Bistro was formally launched  to the public on November 12, 2010. Using their secret family recipe, they establish the brand Barrio Bistro in Davao City. The outlet offers their signature Barrio Pizza, Barrio Pasta and among other best selling original recipes. The outlet opens daily in as early 7am until 12am. What sets Barrio Bistro apart from the usual food outlet is that, they are armed with well-trained employees and quality good food and drink varieties.


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