Beautiful Fries

Beautiful Fries Franchise Details

Industry: Food & Beverage
Category: Food Cart & Kiosk
Royalty Fee: PHP 9,000
Marketing Fee: N/A
Franchise Fee: PHP 150k
Investment Capital: PHP 150k
Franchise Terms: 5 years

About Beautiful Fries Franchise

Beauty Gonzales is an actress, endorser and the protagonist of today’s highest-rated afternoon teleserye, Kadenang Ginto partnering with Renegade Branding Concepts. BEAUTIFUL FRIES is a first-of-its kind, fast-casual kiosk specializing in offering gourmet topped fries and finger food favorites to the on-the-go consumer. Beauty Fries multi-step process produces the best crispy and well-seasoned fries. We select pre-washed grade A potatoes. For nutritional value and to enhance flavor, we leave the potato skin on. BEAUTIFUL FRIES by Beauty Gonzalez is fresh-cut, and twice-fried in canola oil and then tossed to eliminate any excess oil, and evenly seasoned. BEAUTIFUL FRIES offer our customers the opportunity to create their own fry order. They can dress up to taste their fries with seasonings and dips from our unique Flavor Station. We understand that customers always look for more options, and we offer them the freedom to customize their fry order into something new and delicious. Our cooking process, original menu, and Flavor Station are what clearly set us apart from the competition.


Value Proposition:
• Specializes in fried potato products
• Perfect for Filipino snack-lovers
• Franchise can be located virtually anywhere
• Popular product for all market segments
• Affordable business ownership
• Strong business, PR & marketing support


Franchise Package (PHP 150,000):
✓ Use of Trade name and Logo
✓ Equipment
✓ Initial Inventory
✓ Cart (1200mm x 600mm)
✓ Celebrity Factor
✓ PR & Marketing Support
✓ Instruction Manual
✓ Notarize Franchise Agreement
✓ Sets of uniform
✓ After Sales Support


Franchise Package (PHP 450,000 – PHP 560,000):
✓ Use of Trade name and Logo
✓ Equipment
▪ Deep fryer
▪ Freezer
✓ Initial Inventory
✓ Kiosk/Cart (4.5 sqm, 7.5 sqm)
✓ Celebrity Factor
✓ PR & Marketing Kit
✓ Business & Training Kit
▪ Franchise Training
▪ Product Training
▪ Inventory Management
✓ Notarize Franchise Agreement
✓ Sets of uniform
✓ After Sales Support


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