Every Flavor Taho

Every Flavor Taho Franchise Details

Industry: Food & Beverage
Category: Food Cart & Kiosk
Royalty Fee: PHP 6,500
Marketing Fee: N/A
Franchise Fee: PHP 450k
Investment Capital: PHP 450k
Franchise Terms: 5 years

About Every Flavor Taho Franchise

Mikaela Martinez is a Filipino model, social media influencer and a mother of three. She has been in the modeling industry for two decades. She is partnering with Renegade Branding Concepts to bring you Every Flavor Taho. The most favorite street food of Filipinos is now available at Every Flavor Taho– with additional flavor options to add a little twist to your traditional soya bean pudding, brown sugar syrup and sago pearls. Taho, being one of the most nutritious street food there is, due to its proteinaceous content remains a great breakfast option for many. You’ll surely love our Taho as it levels up to something more vibrant, flavorful and culinarily adventurous!


Value Proposition:
• Popular dish eaten both as a meal or a snack.
• Franchise can be located virtually anywhere
• Popular product for all market segments
• Affordable business ownership
• Strong business, PR & marketing support


Franchise Package:
✓ Franchise Fee (450K/560K)
✓ Use of Name & Logo
✓ Equipment
▪ Cooler/Freezer
✓ Initial Inventory
✓ Cart (4.5 SQM)/Kiosk (7.5 SQM)
✓ Celebrity Factor
✓ PR & Marketing Kit
✓ Business & Training Kit
▪ Franchise Training
▪ Product Training
▪ Inventory Management
✓ Notarized Franchise Agreement
✓ Sets of Uniform
✓ After Sales Support


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