Lemoneey Franchise Details

Industry: Food & Beverage
Category: Beverages
Royalty Fee: PHP 5,000
Marketing Fee: N/A
Franchise Fee: PHP 170k
Investment Capital: PHP 360k
Franchise Terms: 4 years

About Lemoneey

About Us:
Lemoneey is a fresh and bold company which is burdened by how people are having false belief about why they need to drink sodas offered in the market which are scientifically unhealthy and unbeneficial.

Thru this realization, Lemoneey and Tea was built to make the lives of each Filipino better, by providing good health offering a product where consumers can drink freshly squeezed lemons infused with wild raw Honey and Tea and other healthy organic add-ons like ginger, turmeric, mangosteen, lemongrass, chia seeds, etc.

True to their Mission as a healthy drink, they never use High Fructose Syrup even on their freshly brewed MilkTea. On their pipeline, will be the Raw Honey Series and Stevia (plant based sugar).

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