Samgyeopsal Surprise

Samgyeopsal Surprise Franchise Details

Industry: Food & Beverage
Category: Food Cart & Kiosk
Royalty Fee: PHP 8,500
Marketing Fee: N/A
Franchise Fee: PHP 450k
Investment Capital: PHP 450k
Franchise Terms: 5 years

About Samgyeopsal Surprise Franchise

Edgar Allan Guzman is an award-winning Filipino actor and model. He is partnering with Renegade Branding Concepts giving you Samgyeopsal Surprise. With the rise of Korean pop culture came Korean food craze among Filipinos. Samgyeopsal Surprise offers the most popular Korean dish– samgyeopsal or pork belly prepared in the most convenient way possible. There’s no need for you to grill the meat on your own as it’s already done for you. Each box comes with the popular grilled meat alongside different side dishes— fresh lettuce, spinach or other leafy vegetables, kimchi, pa muchim or fresh scallion salad, onions, garlic and green chili peppers.


Value Proposition:
• Specializes in samgyeopsal in a box
• Perfect for Korean cuisine lovers who want take-away meals
• Franchise can be located virtually anywhere
• Popular product for all market segments
• Affordable business ownership
• Strong business, PR & marketing support


Franchise Package:
✓ Use of Trade Name and Logo
✓ Equipment
▪ Freezer
▪ Griller
✓ Initial Inventory
✓ Php 450K– Cart 4.5 sqm
✓ Php 560K– Kiosk 7.5 sqm
✓ Celebrity Factor
✓ PR & Marketing Kit
✓ Business & Training Kit
▪ Franchise Training
▪ Product Training
▪ Inventory Management
✓ Notarize Franchise Agreement
✓ After Sales Support


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