The Healthy Table

The Healthy Table Franchise Details

Industry: Food & Beverage
Category: Food Cart & Kiosk
Royalty Fee: PHP 6,500
Marketing Fee: N/A
Franchise Fee: PHP 450k
Investment Capital: PHP 450k
Franchise Terms: 5 years

About The Healthy Table Franchise

Daiana Alves Menezes (born June 20, 1987) is a Brazilian actress, model and television host based in the Philippines and working for GMA. She is partnering with Renegade Branding Concepts to give you The Healthy Table! With the advent of modern technology, we move in a world where everything is instant and convenient. Lie down on bed and grab your phone, and you can talk with your loved ones or have yourself entertained. Grab a carton of food and pop it in the oven, and have yourself a meal.


Value Proposition:
• Specializes in healthy pasta and rice dishes.
• Perfect for health-conscious individuals.
• Franchise can be located virtually anywhere
• Popular product for all market segments
• Affordable business ownership
• Strong business, PR & marketing support


Franchise Package:
✓ Use of Trade Name and Logo
✓ Equipment
▪ Rice Cooker
▪ Freezer
▪ Electric Pan
✓ Initial Inventory
✓Php 450K– Cart 4.5 sqm
✓ Php 560K– Kiosk 7.5 sqm
✓ Celebrity Factor
✓ PR & Marketing Kit
✓ Business & Training Kit
▪ Franchise Training
▪ Product Training
▪ Inventory Management
✓ Notarize Franchise Agreement
✓ Sets of Uniform
✓ After Sales Support


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