Top 25 Franchises in the Philippines

There are lots of successful franchises in the Philippines. So if you would want to start your franchise, it’s a great idea to get inspiration from them. Most of franchise business in philippines started from scratch and rose to fame because of hard work and effective business strategy.

This could be you if you will take your chance in availing a profitable franchise. In this article, you can have the idea of what franchise should you invest your money on. In this manner, you’ll have higher chances of succeeding in the industry.

So let us start enumerating those top franchises in the Philippines to get those ideas going!




This type of franchise provides the essential need of people which are foods as we must consume it daily.



  • 1. Jollibee 


Jollibee Foods Corporation is the mother company of Jollibee, a famous food-chain in the Philippines. It was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong which is considered one of the richest in the Philippines. Right now, his Jollibee Empire has over 800 branches locally and over a hundred abroad.


The approximate franchise investment needed to franchise a Jollibee outlet is in the range of 25 to 35 million PHP.



  • 2. Pancake House


When you talk about pastries particularly pancakes then Pancake House is the one that will come first into your mind. It is established by Carmen Zaragoza, Leticia Zamora, and Milagros Basa. This popular food chain in the Philippines offers various toppings on their pancakes. It is truly a joy on everyone’s palettes! Right now there are approximately 80 branches of Pancake House all over the Philippines. It is said that you need an investment of 7 to 10 million for you to be a franchisee of Pancake House. It is all-inclusive of VAT and franchising fees.



  • 3. Master Siomai


In the Philippines, if you hear the word siomai there is no doubt that Master Siomai is the top destination. This particular food franchise is one of the top and fastest-growing franchise in the Philippines they have almost 1,000 branches locally. The current CEO of Master Siomai and the one responsible for its growth was Ernie Chan. Aside from being profitable, people like Master Siomai because it does not require that much capital. You only need 280,000 PHP to start a Master Siomai franchise which is perfect for people who are on a budget but want to put up a business.



  • 4. Mang Inasal


Chicken dishes are one of the most favorite foods of Filipino people. This is why if you will go to the Philippines you will see a lot of restaurants that offer various chicken recipes as their main menu. Mang Inasal is one of the most popular food chains that offer delicious chicken dishes. Right now, this fast-food chain giant which was acquired by Jollibee Food Corp. has over 500 stores in the Philippines. It was founded in 2003 by Edgar Sia, a young entrepreneur that has a deep love for cooking chicken barbecues. The approximate capital needed for you to own a Mang Inasal franchise is 10 to 12 million PHP.



  • 5. Chowking


This popular fast-food chain caters to people that love Chinese foods. The unusual concept of offering Chinese foods in a fast-food setting became an instant hit. It was founded in 1985 by Robert Kuan which is a great visionary and one good example of a great businessman. It was founded under the Chowking Food Corp. company which was acquired by Jollibee Food Corp. along with other famous fast-food chain brands. It is said that the investment needed to put up your own Chowking franchise is 10 to 13 million PHP.



  • 6. Shakey’s Pizza


Everybody wants pizza as there is no doubt that it is a good snack or dinner. Although the concept of pizzas is foreign but not new to the Filipinos, their taste buds welcomed it with joy. There are lots of fast-food chains in the Philippines that offer pizzas as their main menu. One of them is Shakey’s Pizza. The amount needed for you to put up a Shakey’s Pizza is pretty hefty. You’ll need about 18 to 25 million PHP including franchising fees. Take note that they also have some royalty fees of 7.5% on the amount that you are earning.



  • 7. Tokyo Tokyo


Tokyo Tokyo has become popular in the Philippines because of its tasty and colorful Japanese dishes. This is why it became an instant hit when it first came out in the Philippines last 1985. It is one of the pioneers of the unlimited rice promo which captured the hearts of many since the Philippines is a rice-eating country. Right now it is known that it has over 60 branches all over the Philippines. You’ll need 8 to 10 million PHP of total investment to be a franchisee of Tokyo Tokyo.



  • 8. Yellow Cab Pizza


This pizza parlor chain giant has over 100 branches nationwide. It was built by 3 businessmen and integrated a concept of New York-style on their pizzas in 2001. Yellow Cab Pizza is owned by Max group and manages over 100 branches nationwide. Their main office is located in Makati if you would want to be a franchisee of this profitable pizza parlor chain. You will need 10 to 15 million PHP which is also inclusive of the franchising fee to have your own Yellow Cab Pizza franchise.



  • 9. Famous Belgian Waffles


There is no doubt that crispy Belgian-style waffles have a special place on the hearts of Filipino people. They offer great flavors that will fit your taste and preference. Since its foundation in 2012 by Euclid Cezar, Famous Belgian Waffles became the industry leader in the Philippines in selling Belgian waffles. It currently has over 450 stores nationwide in 8 years. This proves that Famous Belgian Waffles is a profitable business to run. 



  • 10. Potato Corner


Filipinos do love French fries as their snacks. It is the combination of salty and sweet flavor that is why Filipinos fell in love with Potato Corner’s products. The premium fries that Potato Corner is offering come in different flavors. You can see most of their stores in the form of kiosks but some have a space that is similar to big fast-food chains but it is seldom. It is founded by Cinco Corporation in 1992 having its first store opened in SM Megamall. From there, it grew to over 1,000 branches in its 27th year locally and abroad. You’ll need an investment of half a million Philippine Pesos to have your Potato Corner franchise.



  • 11. Greenwich


There is no doubt that Greenwich is one of the go-to places if you want to eat tasty pizzas. They also offer world-class pasta that will surely satisfy your cravings. It is founded by Cresida Tueres in 1971 but later on Jollibee acquired more than half of its stocks in the year 1994. You will need 20 to 25 million PHP to franchise a Greenwich branch. There are over 200 branches of Greenwich in the Philippines right now. 



  • 12. Max’s Restaurant


When it comes to the world-class dining experience, Max’s Restaurant is one of the best restaurant franchise in Philippines that is why it is the most sought place for parties, business meetings, etc. It is founded in 1945 which makes it one of the longest-running restaurants in the Philippines. It is also known by the name of “The House That Fried Chicken Built”. Max’s Restaurant has over 200 branches not only locally but in the USA and Canada as well. The investment needed to put up this restaurant is 15 million PHP, 2 million of which will go to the franchising fee.



  • 13. Waffle Time


In malls all over the Philippines, you’ll surely see a Waffle Time kiosk most of the time. People love them because they are affordable and at the same time easy to eat as they are super handy. You can eat them while you are strolling inside the mall or park. It is also pretty affordable to invest in as it only requires 250,000 PHP inclusive of 50,000 franchise fee to have your own Waffle Time food business.



  • 14. Fruitas


We could not take away from Filipinos that they love drinking various beverages. This is why all over the Philippines you can find a lot of business that the primary products are cold drinks. Having said so, Fruitas is one of the more popular brands when it comes to healthy juice drinks. You can mostly see them at SM malls and other popular malls in the Philippines. They are considered premium brands meaning their products are slightly higher compared to their competitors. After 18 years of operation, it has already put up over 1,000 stores all over the Philippines under the company of Fruitas Holdings Inc.



  • 15. Serenitea


Filipinos love to drink milk teas and there is no doubt about that. This is why all over the Philippines you’ll be able to see a lot of milk tea stands. They come in different flavors and toppings. One of the most popular milk tea stores in the Philippines is Serenitea. It has over 50 branches locally making it one of the biggest milk tea shops in the Philippines. You will need a total investment of 1.7 million PHP to own a franchise of it.



  • 16. Mr. Softy Ice Cream


In a tropical country like the Philippines, you would want to eat cold desserts such as ice creams. If you are in malls then most probably your primary ice cream parlor that you’ll consider is Mr. Softy. This ice cream parlor kiosk has simple and plain flavors but is very rewarding to eat. It is cold and tasty making it fit the palate of every people that will eat it. They have over 70 branches across the Philippines. The overall investment that you have to make is half a million pesos to own a Mr. Softy franchise.



  • 17. Red Ribbon


Cakes for birthdays and special celebrations are great most especially if you will buy one from Red Ribbon. They make premium cakes and a direct competitor of Goldilocks. All over the Philippines, they can be found in malls or their own commercial spaces while some are in the form of kiosks. Since its foundation in 1979, it has grown significantly as a matter of fact they already have more than 300 branches locally. The total investment needed to put up one will take you 6 to 7 million PHP including the franchise fee of 600,000 PHP.



  • 18. Rice in a Box


For people who just finished their grocery shopping, it is expected that they will get hungry. So they will need a quick lunch in case they want to go home immediately after shopping. In this case, Rice in a Box was built with this concept. It allows people to eat in a mobile way by just holding the box with rice and meat mixed all together. Customers are provided with a utensil that is a combination of both spoon and fork. This makes eating much easier. Rice in a Box offers affordable franchising fees that is why you will only have to invest 300,000 PHP in terms of capital.





This type of franchise offers services that are targeted for our needs and necessities.



  • 19. Mr. Quickie


There is no contest that Mr. Quickie is the primary go-to place for key duplication and shoe repair. They are considered as the leader in the industry because of the quality of their work. Over time, their services are also increasing in terms of numbers as new services were added such as shoe dying. They have almost 200 stores nationwide. You will need a total of 1.25 million PHP which includes a 280,000 PHP franchising fee to franchise a Mr. Quickie store.



  • 20. Xcess Salon


There are times that we are too busy in grooming ourselves that is why we need a reliable salon that we can trust. Xcess Salon has become one of the fastest-growing salons in the Philippines. For you to franchise this salon you will need to have an initial capital of 2 million pesos.


Retail Franchises


  • 21. The Generics Pharmacy


When it comes to generic medicines, The Generics Pharmacy is the main choice of people. This drugstore sells effective yet affordable medicines to the major public. It is one of the pioneers in the pharmacy industry in the Philippines, started in 1949. Right now they have over 2000 stores all over the Philippines making it a direct competitor to Mercury Drug. Despite its popularity, the initial investment for you to put up this brand as your business is only valued at 750,000 pesos which are considered affordable.



  • 22. H2O Life Source


Clean drinking water is an essential need that is why H2O Life Source is there to provide it. Their process of purifying water is extraordinary, they implement an eco-friendly technique to clean hard water. You will need an initial investment of almost a million pesos for you to avail of its franchise.



  • 23. Aquabest 


Water refilling stations are one of the many types of popular businesses in the Philippines. This is because the pursuit of clean consumable water is primarily needed in most parts of the country. So Aquabest came in with a great solution by using the latest technology in water filtration which is the Grander Tech. The franchisor is requiring a franchise fee of 800,000 pesos for the whole package.



This type of franchise offers services that are aimed at providing cleaning services particularly in doing our laundry. 



  • 24. Quicklean


Laundry shops are getting popular in the Philippines because of the fast-paced lives in the country. So people do not have the time to wash their clothes that is why many laundry shops are all over the place. One of the most popular among them is Quick Clean. It is a self-serve laundry service provider. You’ll just put your laundry in the machine by yourself then you’ll just wait for it to finish. The initial investment required depends on how many machines would you love to put up on your laundry shop. The franchise fee is only 250,000 pesos but the initial cost can range from 2 million pesos to 8 million pesos.



  • 25. Sud’s 


Dry cleaning is in demand nowadays because not all clothes are applicable to be washed the usual way. In this industry, Sud’s has taken over. It is the biggest dry cleaning franchise chain in the country right now. They offer top of the line and latest technology in dry cleaning. You must ready yourself with 1.3 million of initial investment if you want to avail a licensing franchise of Sud’s




Now you know the top 25 franchises in the Philippines, you have the idea of what fits you. Even though you still do not have any budget to invest in, you can consider putting them on your bucket list for future reference. Since franchising is one of the best business models that have higher success rates, you’ll surely have a fair share of chances of going big.

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